Title 47


90.5 Other applicable rule parts.

§ 90.5 Other applicable rule parts.

Other Commission rule parts of importance that may be referred to with respect to licensing and operations in radio services governed under this part include the following:

(a) Part 0 of the Commission's Rules describes the Commission's organization and delegations of authority. This part also lists available Commission publications, and standards and procedures for access to Commission records, and location of Commission Field Offices.

(b) Part 1 includes rules of practice and procedure for the filing of applications for stations to operate in the Wireless Telecommunications Services, adjudicatory proceedings including hearing proceedings, and rule making proceedings; procedures for reconsideration and review of the Commission's actions; provisions concerning violation notices and forfeiture proceedings; and the environmental processing requirements that, together with the procedures specified in § 17.4(c) of this chapter, if applicable, must be complied with prior to initiating construction.

(c) Part 2 contains the table of frequency allocations and special requirements in International regulations, agreements, and treaties. This part also contains standards and procedures concerning marketing of radio frequency devices, and for obtaining equipment certification.

(d) Part 5 contains standards and procedures for obtaining experimental authorizations.

(e) Part 15 provides for the operation of incidental and restricted radio frequency devices that do not require an individual license.

(f) Part 17 contains requirements for construction, marking and lighting of antenna towers, and the environmental notification process that must be completed before filing certain antenna structure registration applications.

(g) Part 18 deals with the operation of industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) devices that are not intended for radio communication,

(h) Part 20 contains rules relating to commercial mobile radio services.

(i) Part 20 which governs commercial mobile radio service applicable to certain providers in the following services in this part:

(1) Industrial/business pool.

(2) Private paging;

(3) Land mobile service on 220-222 MHz;

(4) Specialized Mobile Radio Service.

(j) Part 22 contains regulations for public (common carrier) mobile radio services.

(k) Part 27 contains rules relating to miscellaneous wireless communications services.

(l) Part 51 contains rules relating to interconnection.

(m) Part 68 contains technical standards for connection of private land mobile radio equipment to the public switched telephone network.

(n) Part 101 governs the operation of fixed microwave services.

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