Title 47

SECTION 90.467

90.467 Dispatch points.

§ 90.467 Dispatch points.

Dispatch points meeting the requirements of this section need not be specifically authorized; provided, however, that the licensee of any radio station operated from a dispatch point or points shall assume full responsibility for the use and operation of the authorized facilities in compliance with all applicable provisions of law or rule and shall comply with the policy:

(a) A dispatch point may be linked to the transmitter(s) being operated by private or leased wire line of fixed radio circuits, provided the requirements of § 90.463 are met.

(b) No telephone position in the public, switched, telephone network will be treated as a dispatch point within the meaning or intent of this section.

(c) Operation of transmitting facilities from dispatch points is permitted only when the control operator at a fixed control point in the system is on duty and at no other time.