Title 47

SECTION 90.461

90.461 Direct and remote control of transmitters.

§ 90.461 Direct and remote control of transmitters.

(a) In general. Radio transmitters may be operated and controlled directly (as when the operating position for the transmitter and the transmitter being operated are at the same location), or remotely (as when the transmitter being operated and the position from which it is being operated are at different locations).

(b) Control of transmitters at remote locations. Radio transmitters at remote locations may be operated and controlled through the use of wire line or radio links; or through dial-up circuits, as provided in paragraph (c) of this section. Such control links or circuits may be either those of the licensee or they may be provided by common carriers authorized by law to furnish such service.

(c) Dial-up circuits. Dial-up circuits may be provided by wire line telephone companies under appropriate tariffs, and they may be used by licensees for purposes of transmitter control, provided:

(1) The dial-up circuits serve only to link licensed transmitter control points and the transmitters being controlled.

(2) The dial-up circuits are so designed that the transmitters being controlled cannot be operated from any fixed position other than the licensed control points for those transmitters.

(3) Equipment used to provide the transmitter/dial-up-circuit interface is designed to preclude associated mobile units of the licensee from reaching any point(s) served by the wire line telephone facilities other than the control point(s) of the station(s) controlled.

(4) Any direct electrical connection to the telephone network shall comply with applicable tariffs and with part 68 of the Commission's Rules (See § 90.5(j)).

(5) Interconnection, within the meaning of §§ 90.7 and 90.477 through 90.483, may not take place at a control point which connects to its associated transmitter(s) through dial-up circuits; nor may such dial-up transmitter control circuits be used in conjunction with (or shared by) interconnection equipment.

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