Title 47

SECTION 90.169

90.169 Construction prior to grant of application.

§ 90.169 Construction prior to grant of application.

Applicants may construct facilities prior to grant of their applications, subject to the provisions of this section, but must not operate such facilities until the Commission grants an authorization. If the conditions stated in this section are not met, applicants must not begin to construct facilities.

(a) When applicants may begin construction. An applicant may begin construction of a facility thirty-five (35) days after the date of the Public Notice listing the application for that facility as acceptable for filing.

(b) Notification to stop. If the Commission for any reason determines that construction should not be started or should be stopped while an application is pending, and so notifies the applicant, orally (followed by written confirmation) or in writing, the applicant must not begin construction or, if construction has begun, must stop construction immediately.

(c) Assumption of risk. Applicants that begin construction pursuant to this section before receiving an authorization do so at their own risk and have no recourse against the United States for any losses resulting from:

(1) Applications that are not granted;

(2) Errors or delays in issuing Public Notices;

(3) Having to alter, relocate, or dismantle the facility; or

(4) Incurring whatever costs may be necessary to bring the facility into compliance with applicable laws, or Commission rules and orders.

(d) Conditions. Except as indicated, all pre-grant construction is subject to the following conditions:

(1) The application is not mutually exclusive with any other application;

(2) No petitions to deny the application have been filed;

(3) The application does not include a request for a waiver of one or more Commission rules;

(4) For any construction or alteration that would exceed the requirements of § 17.7 of this chapter, the licensee has notified the appropriate Regional Office of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Form 7460-1), filed a request for antenna height clearance and obstruction marking and lighting specifications (FCC Form 854) with the Commission;

(5) The applicant has indicated in the application that the proposed facility would not have a significant environmental effect, in accordance with §§ 1.1301 through 1.1319 of this chapter; and,

(6) Under applicable international agreements and rules in this part, individual coordination of the proposed channel assignment(s) with a foreign administration is not required.