Title 47

SECTION 87.417

87.417 Scope of service.

§ 87.417 Scope of service.

(a) Airport control tower stations (control towers) and control tower remote communications outlet stations (RCOs) must limit their communications to the necessities of safe and expeditious operations of aircraft operating on or in the vicinity of the airport. Control towers and RCOs provide air traffic control services to aircraft landing, taking off and taxing on the airport as well as aircraft transiting the airport traffic area. Additionally, control towers and RCOs can provide air traffic control services to vehicles operating on airport movement areas (see subpart L of this part). Control towers and RCOs must serve all aircraft without discrimination. An RCO must be remotely operated from a control tower or other FAA control facility located at a nearby airport.

(b) A control tower must maintain a continuous watch on the following frequencies during the hours of operation:

121.500 MHz 3023.0 kHz (Alaska only) 5680.0 kHz (Alaska only)

The Commission may exempt from these watch requirements the licensee of an airport control tower station if a satisfactory showing has been made that such an exemption will not adversely affect life and property in the air.

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