Title 47


87.41 Frequencies.

§ 87.41 Frequencies.

(a) Applicant responsibilities. The applicant must propose frequencies to be used by the station consistent with the applicant's eligibility, the proposed operation and the frequencies available for assignment. Applicants must cooperate in the selection and use of frequencies in order to minimize interference and obtain the most effective use of stations. See subpart E and the appropriate subpart applicable to the class of station being considered.

(b) Licensing limitations. Frequencies are available for assignment to stations on a shared basis only and will not be assigned for the exclusive use of any licensee. The use of any assigned frequency may be restricted to one or more geographical areas.

(c) Government frequencies. Frequencies allocated exclusively to federal government radio stations may be licensed. The applicant for a government frequency must provide a satisfactory showing that such assignment is required for inter-communication with government stations or required for coordination with activities of the federal government. The Commission will coordinate with the appropriate government agency before a government frequency is assigned.

(d) Assigned frequency. The frequency coinciding with the center of an authorized bandwidth of emission must be specified as the assigned frequency. For single sideband emission, the carrier frequency must also be specified.