Title 47

SECTION 87.345

87.345 Scope of service.

§ 87.345 Scope of service.

Aeronautical utility mobile stations provide communications for vehicles operating on an airport movement area. An airport movement area is defined as the runways, taxiways and other areas utilized for taxiing, takeoff and landing of aircraft, exclusive of loading ramp and parking areas.

(a) An aeronautical utility mobile station must monitor its assigned frequency during periods of operation.

(b) At an airport which has a control tower, control tower remote communications outlet station (RCO) or FAA flight service station in operation, communications by an aeronautical utility mobile station are limited to the management of ground vehicular traffic.

(c) Aeronautical utility mobile stations which operate on the airport's unicom frequency or the frequency 122.900 MHz are authorized only to transmit information relating to safety, such as runway conditions and hazards on the airport. These stations are authorized primarily for monitoring communications from and to aircraft approaching or departing the airport.

(d) Transmissions by an aeronautical utility mobile station are subject to the control of the control tower, the FAA flight service station or the unicom, as appropriate. When requested by the control tower, the flight service station or the unicom, an aeronautical utility station must discontinue transmitting immediately.

(e) Communications between aeronautical utility mobile stations are not authorized.

(f) Transmissions by aeronautical utility mobile stations for Universal Access Transceiver service are authorized.

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