Title 47

SECTION 80.873

80.873 VHF radiotelephone transmitter.

§ 80.873 VHF radiotelephone transmitter.

(a) The transmitter must be capable of transmission of G3E emission on 156.300 MHz and 156.800 MHz, and on frequencies which have been specified for use in a system established to promote safety of navigation. Vessels in waters of other Administrations are required to communicate on any channel designated by that Administration for navigational safety in the bands specified in § 80.871(d).

(b) The transmitter must be adjusted so that the transmission of speech normally produces peak modulation within the limits of 75 percent and 100 percent.

(c) The transmitter must deliver a carrier power between 8 and 25 watts into a 50 ohm effective resistance. Provision must be made for reducing the carrier power to a value between 0.1 and 1.0 watts.

(d) The transmitter complies with the power output requirements specified in paragraph (c) of this section when:

(1) The transmitter is capable of being adjusted for efficient use with an actual ship station transmitting antenna meeting the requirements of § 80.876; and

(2) The transmitter has been demonstrated capable, with normal operating voltages applied, of delivering not less than 8 watts of carrier power into 50 ohms effective resistance over the frequency band specified in § 80.871(d). An individual demonstration of the power output capability of the transmitter, with the radiotelephone installation normally installed on board ship, may be required; and

(3) It is certificated as required by subpart F of this part.

[51 FR 31213, Sept. 2, 1986, as amended at 63 FR 36607, July 7, 1998]