Title 47

SECTION 80.407

80.407 Operator authorization.

§ 80.407 Operator authorization.

This section contains information and rules pertinent to the application for and posting of radio operator authorizations. Rules applicable to radio operator requirements are contained in subpart D of this part and other rules pertinent to commercial radio operators are contained in part 13 of this chapter.

(a) Application. Detailed information about application forms, filing procedures, and places to file applications for radio operator authorizations is contained in the bulletin “Commercial Radio Operator Licenses and Permits.” This bulletin is available from any Commission District Office or from the FCC, Washington, DC 20554.

(b) Posting. When a Commission-authorized operator is required, the original authorization of each operator must be posted at the principal control point of the station. In lieu of posting, an operator who holds a restricted radiotelephone operator permit or a higher class operator license may have the operator authorization or a photocopy thereof available for inspection upon request by authorized Commission employees when operating the following:

(1) A voluntary station;

(2) Any class of ship station when the operator is on board solely to service the radio equipment; or

(3) A portable station.