Title 47

SECTION 80.405

80.405 Station license.

§ 80.405 Station license.

(a) Requirement. Except as provided in § 80.13(c), stations must have an authorization granted by the Federal Communications Commission.

(b) Application. Application for authorizations in the maritime services must be submitted on the prescribed forms in accordance with subpart B of this part.

(c) Posting. (1) The current station authorization for a station other than a public coast station, or a clearly legible copy, must be posted at the principal control point of each station. If a copy is posted, it must indicate the location of the original. When the station license cannot be posted as in the case of a marine utility station operating at temporary unspecified locations or the ship or recreational boat does not have an enclosed wheelhouse, it must be kept where it will be readily available for inspection. The licensee of a station on board a ship subject to Part II or III or Title III of the Communications Act or the Safety Convention must retain the most recently expired ship station license in the station records until the first Commission inspection after the expiration date.

(2) Public coast stations authorized under this part must make available either a clearly legible copy of the authorization for each station at the principal control point of the station or an address or location where the current authorization may be found and a telephone number of that authorization's representative.

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