Title 47

SECTION 80.401

80.401 Station documents requirement.

§ 80.401 Station documents requirement.

Licensees of radio stations are required to have current station documents as indicated in the following table:


1. The expired station license must be retained in the station records until the first Commission inspection after the expiration date.

2. Alternatively, a list of coast stations maintained by the licensee with which communications are likely to be conducted, showing watch-keeping hours, frequencies and charges, is authorized.

3. Required only if station provides a service to ocean-going vessels.

4. Certification of a Great Lakes Agreement inspection may be made by either a log entry or issuance of a Great Lakes Agreement certificate. Radiotelephone logs containing entries certifying that a Great Lakes Agreement inspection has been conducted must be retained and be available for inspection by the FCC for 2 years after the date of the inspection.

5. The requirements for having the GMDSS Master Plan, NGA Publication 117, Admiralty List of Radio Signals or IMO Circ. 7 are satisfied by having any one of those four documents.

[68 FR 46970, Aug. 7, 2003, as amended at 78 FR 23156, Apr. 18, 2013]