Title 47

SECTION 80.251

80.251 Scope.

§ 80.251 Scope.

(a) This subpart gives the general technical requirements for certification of equipment used on compulsory ships. Such equipment includes automatic-alarm-signal keying devices, survival craft radio equipment, radar equipment and Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) equipment.

(b) The equipment described in this subpart must be certificated.

(c) The term transmitter means the transmitter unit and all auxiliary equipment necessary to make this unit operate as a main or emergency transmitter in a ship station at sea. Each separate motor-generator, rectifier, or other unit required to convert the ship primary power to the phase, frequency, or voltage necessary to energize the transmitter unit is considered a component of the transmitter.

(d) Average ship station antenna means an actual antenna installed on board ship having a capacitance of 750 picofarads and an effective resistance of 4 ohms at a frequency of 500 kHz, or an artificial antenna having the same electrical characteristics.

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