Title 47


5.69 License grants that differ from applications.

§ 5.69 License grants that differ from applications.

If the Commission grants a license or special temporary authority with parameters that differ from those set forth in the application, an applicant may reject the grant by filing, within 30 days from the effective date of the grant, a written description of its objections. Upon receipt of such objection, the Commission will coordinate with the applicant in an attempt to resolve issues arising from the grant.

(a) Applicants may continue operating under the parameters of a granted special temporary authority (STA) during the time any problems are being resolved when:

(1) An application for a conventional license has been timely filed in accordance with § 5.61; and

(2) The application for conventional license is for the same facilities and technical limitations as the existing STA.

(b) The applicant, at its option, may accept a grant-in-part of their license while working to resolve any issues.