Title 47


5.601 Product development trials.

§ 5.601 Product development trials.

Unless otherwise stated in the instrument of authorization, experimental radio licenses granted for the purpose of product development trials pursuant to § 5.3(k) are subject to the following conditions:

(a) All transmitting and/or receiving equipment used in the study shall be owned by the licensee.

(b) The licensee is responsible for informing all participants in the experiment that the operation of the service or device is being conducted under an experimental authorization and is strictly temporary.

(c) Marketing of devices (as defined in § 2.803 of this chapter) or provision of services for hire is not permitted.

(d) The size and scope of the experiment are subject to such limitations as the Commission may establish on a case-by-case basis. If the Commission subsequently determines that a product development trial is not so limited, the trial shall be immediately terminated.

(e) Broadcast experimental station applicants and licensees must also meet the requirements of § 5.205.