Title 47


5.307 Responsible party.

§ 5.307 Responsible party.

(a) Each program experimental radio applicant must identify a single point of contact responsible for all experiments conducted under the license, including

(1) Ensuring compliance with the notification requirements of § 5.309 of this part; and

(2) Ensuring compliance with all applicable FCC rules.

(b) The responsible individual will serve as the initial point of contact for all matters involving interference resolution and must have the authority to discontinue any and all experiments being conducted under the license, if necessary.

(c) The license application must include the name of the responsible individual and contact information at which the person can be reached at any time of the day; this information will be listed on the license. Licensees are required to keep this information current.

[78 FR 25162, Apr. 29, 2013]