Title 47


5.217 Rebroadcasts.

§ 5.217 Rebroadcasts.

(a) The term rebroadcast means reception by radio of the programs or other transmissions of a broadcast station, and the simultaneous or subsequent retransmission of such programs or transmissions by a broadcast station.

(1) As used in this section, the word “program” includes any complete program or part thereof.

(2) The transmission of a program from its point of origin to a broadcast station entirely by common carrier facilities, whether by wire line or radio, is not considered a rebroadcast.

(3) The broadcasting of a program relayed by a remote broadcast pickup station is not considered a rebroadcast.

(b) No licensee of a broadcast experimental radio station may retransmit the program of another U.S. broadcast station without the express authority of the originating station. A copy of the written consent of the licensee originating the program must be kept by the licensee of the broadcast experimental radio station retransmitting such program and made available to the FCC upon request.

[78 FR 25162, Apr. 29, 2013]