Title 47

SECTION 15.243

15.243 Operation in the band 890-940 MHz.

§ 15.243 Operation in the band 890-940 MHz.

(a) Operation under the provisions of this section is restricted to devices that use radio frequency energy to measure the characteristics of a material. Devices operated pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not be used for voice communications or the transmission of any other type of message.

(b) The field strength of any emissions radiated within the specified frequency band shall not exceed 500 microvolts/meter at 30 meters. The emission limit in this paragraph is based on measurement instrumentation employing an average detector. The provisions in § 15.35 for limiting peak emissions apply.

(c) The field strength of emissions radiated on any frequency outside of the specified band shall not exceed the general radiated emission limits in § 15.209.

(d) The device shall be self-contained with no external or readily accessible controls which may be adjusted to permit operation in a manner inconsistent with the provisions in this section. Any antenna that may be used with the device shall be permanently attached thereto and shall not be readily modifiable by the user.