Title 47

SECTION 101.815

101.815 Stations at temporary fixed locations.

§ 101.815 Stations at temporary fixed locations.

(a) Authorizations may be issued upon proper application for the use of frequencies listed in § 101.803 by stations in the Local Television Transmission Service for rendition of temporary service to subscribers under the following conditions:

(1) When a fixed station is to remain at a single location for less than 6 months, the location is considered to be temporary.

(2) When a fixed station authorized to operate at temporary locations is installed and it subsequently becomes necessary for the station to operate from such location for more than six months, an application for a station authorization to specify the permanent location must be filed at least thirty days prior to the expiration of the six month period.

(3) The station must be used only for rendition of communication service at a remote point where the provision of wire facilities is not practicable.

(4) The antenna structure height employed at any location may not exceed the criteria set forth in § 17.7 of this chapter unless, in each instance, authorization for use of a specific maximum antenna structure height for each location has been obtained from the Commission prior to erection of the antenna. See § 101.125.

(5) Applications for such stations must comply with the provisions of § 101.21(f).

(b) Applications for authorizations to operate stations at temporary locations under the provisions of this section may be made upon FCC Form 601. Blanket applications may be submitted for the required number of transmitters.

(c) Prior coordination of mobile assignments will be in accordance with the procedures in § 101.103(d) except that the prior coordination process for mobile (temporary fixed) assignments may be completed orally and the period allowed for response to a coordination notification may be less than 30 days if the parties agree.

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