Title 47

SECTION 101.701

101.701 Eligibility.

§ 101.701 Eligibility.

(a) Authorizations for stations in this service will be issued to existing and proposed common carriers. Applications will be granted only in cases in which it is shown that:

(1) The applicant is legally, technically, financially and otherwise qualified to render the proposed service;

(2) There are frequencies available to enable the applicant to render a satisfactory service; and

(3) The public interest, convenience, and necessity would be served by a grant thereof.

(b) If the content is originated, selected, controlled, or otherwise substantively influenced by the applicant, licensee, or a closely affiliated entity, no station or radio frequency in this service will be authorized, or may be utilized, to transmit any closed circuit television signals or television signals other than broadcast television signals, unless:

(1) Such service is otherwise permitted for a specific length of time by grant of an acceptable petition for waiver of this rule; or

(2) Such service is otherwise permitted by a condition in the applicable instrument of authorization; or

(3) Such service is provided pursuant to applicable FCC tariff and is temporary and occasional intra-company television communication for management, network supervision, or other internal carrier functions. For purposes of this paragraph, an entity will be considered to be “closely affiliated” with an applicant if it is in a parent-subsidiary relationship, or both are commonly controlled, or they have any common officers or management employees.

(c) Applications for stations or frequencies that will be used primarily to relay broadcast television signals must include a certification that at least fifty percent of the customers (or points of service) on the microwave system involved, including those served through an interconnecting carrier(s), receiving applicant's service, will not be related or affiliated in any degree with the applicant, and that the proposed usage by such customers, in terms of hours of use and channels delivered, must constitute at least fifty percent of the usage of the applicant's microwave service. Applications that do not contain these certifications will be returned as unacceptable for filing.

[61 FR 26677, May 28, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 68983, Dec. 14, 1998]