Title 47

SECTION 101.603

101.603 Permissible communications.

§ 101.603 Permissible communications.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, stations in this radio service may transmit communications as follows:

(1) On frequencies below 21,200 MHz, licensees may transmit their own communications, including the transmission of their products and information services, to their customers except that the distribution of video entertainment material to customers is permitted only as indicated in § 101.101 and paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

(2) In the frequency bands 6425-6525 MHz, 17,700-18,580 MHz, and on frequencies above 21,200 MHz, licensees may deliver any of their own products and services to any receiving location;

(3) Licensees may transmit the communications of their parent corporation, or of another subsidiary of the same parent, or their own subsidiary where the party to be served is regularly engaged in any of the activities that constitute the basis for eligibility to use the frequencies assigned;

(4) Licensees may transmit the communications of other parties in accordance with § 101.135;

(5) Licensees may transmit emergency communications unrelated to their activities in accordance with § 101.205;

(6) Licensees may transmit communications on a commercial basis to eligible users, among different premises of a single eligible user, or from one eligible user to another as part of transmissions by Digital Electronic Message Service systems on the frequencies provided for this purpose;

(7) Licensees may transmit program material from one location to another;

(b) Stations licensed in this radio service shall not:

(1) Render a common carrier service of any kind. However, licensees are allowed to lease excess capacity to common carriers. In addition, Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) licensees reclassified by the Commission as Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS), that were formerly private land mobile radio service providers, may continue to utilize private operational fixed microwave systems licensed prior to April 1, 2003 for their land mobile connecting facilities.

(2) Transmit program material for use in connection with broadcasting, except as provided in paragraphs (a)(2), and (a)(7)) of this section; and/or

(3) Be used to provide the final RF link in the chain of transmission of program material to multichannel video programming distributors, except in the frequency bands 6425-6525 MHz and 17,700-18,580 MHz and on frequencies above 21,200 MHz.

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