Title 47

SECTION 101.527

101.527 Construction requirements for 24 GHz operations.

§ 101.527 Construction requirements for 24 GHz operations.

(a) Each licensee must make a showing of “substantial service” within ten years of its license grant. “Substantial service” is a service which is sound, favorable, and substantially above a level of mediocre service which just might minimally warrant renewal during its past license term. Until January 1, 2023, “substantial service” assessment will be made at renewal pursuant to the provisions and procedures set forth in § 1.949 of this chapter.

(b) Until January 1, 2023, each licensee must, at a minimum file:

(1) A report, maps and other supporting documents describing its current service in terms of geographic coverage and population served to the Commission. The report must also contain a description of the licensees' investments in its operations. The report must be labeled as an attachment to the renewal application; and

(2) Copies of all FCC orders finding the licensee to have violated the Communications Act or any FCC rule or policy; and a list of any pending proceedings that relate to any matter described in this paragraph (b)(2).

(c) Failure to demonstrate that substantial service is being provided in the service area will result in forfeiture of the license, and the licensee will be unable to regain it.

(d) The frequencies associated with incumbent authorizations, licensed on a SMSA basis, that have cancelled automatically or otherwise been recovered by the Commission will automatically revert to the applicable EA licensee.

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