Title 47

SECTION 101.217

101.217 Station records.

§ 101.217 Station records.

Each licensee of a station subject to this part shall maintain records in accordance with the following:

(a) For all stations, the results and dates of transmitter measurements and the name of the person or persons making the measurements;

(b) For all stations, when service or maintenance duties are performed, which may affect their proper operation, the responsible operator shall sign and date an entry in the station record concerned, giving:

(1) Pertinent details of all transmitter adjustments performed by him or under his supervision; and

(2) His name and address, provided that this information, so long as it remains unchanged, is not required to be repeated in the case of a person who is regularly employed as operator on a full-time basis at the station.

(c) The records shall be kept in an orderly manner, and in such detail that the data required are readily available. Key letters or abbreviations may be used if proper meaning or explanation is set forth in the record.

(d) Each entry in the records of each station shall be signed by a person qualified to do so, having actual knowledge of the facts to be recorded.

(e) No record or portion thereof shall be erased, obliterated, or willfully destroyed within the required retention period. Any necessary correction may be made only by the person originating the entry, who shall strike out the erroneous portion, initial the correction made and indicate the date of correction.

(f) Records required by this part shall be retained by the licensee for a period of at least one year.