Title 47

SECTION 101.1421

101.1421 Coordination of adjacent area MVDDS stations.

§ 101.1421 Coordination of adjacent area MVDDS stations.

(a) MVDDS licensees in the 12.2-12.7 GHz band are required to develop sharing and protection agreements based on the design and architecture of their systems, in order to ensure that no harmful interference occurs between adjacent geographical area licensees. MVDDS licensees shall:

(1) Engineer systems to be reasonably compatible with adjacent and co-channel operations in the adjacent areas on all its frequencies; and

(2) Cooperate fully and in good faith to resolve interference and transmission problems that are present on adjacent and co-channel operations in adjacent areas.

(b) Harmful interference to public safety stations, co-channel MVDDS stations operating in adjacent geographic areas, and stations operating on adjacent channels to MVDDS stations is prohibited. In areas where the DMAs are in close proximity, careful consideration should be given to power requirements and to the location, height, and radiation pattern of the transmitting and receiving antennas. Licensees are expected to cooperate fully in attempting to resolve problems of potential interference before bringing the matter to the attention of the Commission.

(c) Licensees shall coordinate their facilities whenever the facilities have optical line-of-sight into other licensees' areas or are within the same geographic area. Licensees are encouraged to develop operational agreements with relevant licensees in the adjacent geographic areas. Incumbent public safety POFS licensee(s) shall retain exclusive rights to its channel(s) within the relevant geographical areas and must be protected in accordance with the procedures in § 101.103. A list of public safety incumbents is attached as Appendix I to the Memorandum Opinion and Order and Second Report and Order, Docket 98-206, released May 23, 2002. Please check with the Commission for any updates to that list.