Title 47

SECTION 101.135

101.135 Shared use of radio stations and the offering of private carrier service.

§ 101.135 Shared use of radio stations and the offering of private carrier service.

Licensees of Private Operational Fixed Point-to-Point Microwave radio stations may share the use of their facilities on a non-profit basis or may offer service on a for-profit private carrier basis, subject to the following conditions and limitations:

(a) Persons or governmental entities licensed to operate radio systems pursuant to subpart H of this part on any of the private radio frequencies set out in § 101.101 may share such systems with, or provide private carrier service to, any eligible entity for licensing under this part, regardless of individual eligibility restrictions, provided that the communications being carried are permissible under § 101.603.

(b) The licensee must maintain access to and control over all facilities authorized under its license;

(c) All sharing and private carrier arrangements must be conducted pursuant to a written agreement to be kept as part of the station records; and

(d) The licensee must keep an up-to-date list of system sharers and private carrier subscribers and the basis of their eligibility under this part. Such records must be kept current and must be made available upon request for inspection by the Commission.

(e) Applicants licensed in the MAS frequencies after June 2, 2000, shall not provide service to others on a for-profit private carrier basis in the 928-928.85/952-952.85/956.25-956.45 MHz bands and the 932.25-932.5/941.25-941.5 MHz bands.

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