Title 47

SECTION 101.1111

101.1111 Partitioning and disaggregation.

§ 101.1111 Partitioning and disaggregation.

(a) Definitions. Disaggregation. The assignment of discrete portions or “blocks” of spectrum licensed to a geographic licensee or qualifying entity.

Partitioning. The assignment of geographic portions of a licensee's authorized service area along geopolitical or other boundaries.

(b) Eligibility. (1) Parties seeking approval for partitioning and disaggregation shall request an authorization for partial assignment of a license pursuant to § 101.53. Parties shall submit the forms set forth in § 101.15(e).

(2) Licensees may apply to partition their licensed geographic service area or disaggregate their licensed spectrum at any time following the grant of their licenses.

(c) Technical standards - (1) Partitioning. In the case of partitioning, requests for authorization for partial assignment of a license must include, as an attachment, a description of the partitioned service area. The partitioned service area shall be defined by coordinate points at every 3 degrees along the partitioned service area unless an FCC recognized service area is utilized (i.e., Major Trading Area, Basic Trading Area, Metropolitan Service Area, Rural Service Area or Economic Area) or county lines are followed. The geographic coordinates must be specified in degrees, minutes, and seconds to the nearest second of latitude and longitude and must be based upon the 1983 North American Datum (NAD83). In the case where an FCC recognized service area or county lines are utilized, applicants need only list the specific area(s) (through use of FCC designations or county names) that constitute the partitioned area. In such partitioning cases where an unjust enrichment payment is owed the Commission, the request for authorization for partial assignment of a license must include, as an attachment, a calculation of the population of the partitioned service area and the licensed geographic service area.

(2) Disaggregation. Spectrum may be disaggregated in any amount.

(3) Combined partitioning and disaggregation. The Commission will consider requests for partial assignment of licenses that propose combinations of partitioning and disaggregation.

(d) License term. The license term for a partitioned license area and for disaggregated spectrum shall be the remainder of the original licensee's license term as provided for in § 101.67 of this chapter.

[63 FR 26507, May 13, 1998, as amended at 82 FR 41549, Sept. 1, 2017]