Title 47

SECTION 101.1009

101.1009 System operations.

§ 101.1009 System operations.

(a) The licensee may construct and operate any number of fixed stations anywhere within the area authorized by the license without prior authorization, except as follows:

(1) A station would be required to be individually licensed if:

(i) International agreements require coordination;

(ii) Submission of an Environmental Assessment is required under § 1.1307 of this chapter.

(iii) The station would affect areas identified in § 1.924 of this chapter.

(2) Any antenna structure that requires notification to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must be registered with the Commission prior to construction under § 17.4 of this chapter.

(b) Whenever a licensee constructs or makes system changes as described in paragraph (a) of this section, the licensee is required to notify the Commission within 30 days of the change under § 1.947 of this chapter and include a statement of the technical parameters of the changed station.

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