Title 47


101.1 Scope and authority.

§ 101.1 Scope and authority.

(a) Part 1 of the Commission's rules contains the general rules of practice and procedure applicable to proceedings before the Commission and for the filing of applications for radio station licenses in the fixed microwave services.

(b) The purpose of the rules in this part is to prescribe the manner in which portions of the radio spectrum may be made available for private operational, common carrier, 24 GHz Service and Local Multipoint Distribution Service fixed, microwave operations that require transmitting facilities on land or in specified offshore coastal areas within the continental shelf.

(c) The rules in this part are issued pursuant to the authority contained in Titles I through III of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, which vest authority in the Federal Communications Commission to regulate common carriers of interstate and foreign communications, to regulate radio transmissions and issue licenses for radio stations, and to regulate all interstate and foreign communications by wire and radio necessary to the accomplishment of the purposes of the Act.

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