Title 47

SECTION 10.500

10.500 General requirements.

§ 10.500 General requirements.

WEA mobile device functionality is dependent on the capabilities of a Participating CMS Provider's delivery technologies. Mobile devices are required to perform the following functions:

(a) Authentication of interactions with CMS Provider infrastructure.

(b) Monitoring for Alert Messages.

(c) Maintaining subscriber alert opt-out selections, if any.

(d) Maintaining subscriber alert language preferences, if any.

(e) Extraction of alert content in English or the subscriber's preferred language, if applicable.

(f) Presentation of alert content to the device, consistent with subscriber opt-out selections. Presidential Alerts must always be presented.

(g) Detection and suppression of presentation of duplicate alerts.

(h) Preservation of Alert Messages in a consumer-accessible format and location for at least 24 hours or until deleted by the subscriber.

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