Title 46

SECTION 95.50-20

95.50-20 Semi-portable fire extinguishers.

§ 95.50-20 Semi-portable fire extinguishers.

(a) The frame or support of each semi-portable fire extinguisher required by Table 95.50-10(a) must be welded or otherwise permanently attached to a bulkhead or deck.

(b) If an approved semi-portable fire extinguisher has wheels and is not required by Table 95.50-10(a), it must be securely stowed when not in use to prevent it from rolling out of control under heavy sea conditions.

(c) Semi-portable extinguishers must be fitted with suitable hoses and nozzles, or other practicable means, so that all areas of the space can be protected.

[CGD 77-039, 44 FR 34133, June 14, 1979, as amended by USCG-2012-0196, 81 FR 48265, July 22, 2016]