Title 46

SECTION 95.16-5

95.16-5 Controls.

§ 95.16-5 Controls.

(a) At least one releasing station must be installed near the main entrance/exit to the protected space.

(b) System controls must be of an approved type and be suitably protected from damage and located outside the protected space.

(c) Systems must have releasing stations consisting of one control to operate the stop valve to the protected space and a second control to release at least the required amount of agent. These two controls must be located in a box or other enclosure clearly identified for the particular space.

(d) Systems protecting a single space not exceeding 6,000 cubic feet in gross volume may be installed without a stop valve if a suitable horizontal means of escape from the space exists.

(e) Controls may not be located in any space that could be cut off from the operator in the event of fire in the protected space.

(f) Where the extinguishing agent can be released by remote control, the system must have a manual local control at the cylinders.

(g) Systems with remotely operated releasing controls must have mechanical override features.

(h) Automatic discharge arrangements may be used for spaces having a gross volume less than 6,000 cubic feet. However, automatic discharge is required for spaces having a gross volume less than 6,000 cubic feet where the agent is stored in the protected space, as allowed by 46 CFR 95.16-20.

(i) A system designed to use gas pressure from one or more agent storage cylinders and provide pilot pressure to actuate the release of extinguishing agent from other storage cylinders that contain three or more total storage cylinders must be equipped with at least two designated pilot cylinders, each of which is capable of manual control at the pilot cylinder.