Title 46

SECTION 95.16-1

95.16-1 Application.

§ 95.16-1 Application.

(a) “Clean agent” means a halocarbon or inert gas used as a fire extinguishing agent.

(b) A clean agent extinguishing system must comply with this part. Systems contracted for prior to July 9, 2012, may, as an alternative, comply with 46 CFR 95.16-90.

(c) Each clean agent system must:

(1) Be of a total flooding type to protect against Class B and Class C hazards as defined in 46 CFR 95.50-5;

(2) Address and minimize any hazard to personnel created by the effects of extinguishing agent decomposition products and combustion products, especially the effects of decomposition product hydrogen fluoride (HF), if applicable;

(3) Be accompanied by an approved manufacturer's design, installation, operation, and maintenance manual;

(4) Be used only to protect enclosed spaces;

(5) Not employ electric power for system actuation or controls; and

(6) Not use any source of power for alarms in protected spaces, other than the extinguishing agent, gas from pilot cylinders, or gas from cylinders specifically provided to power the alarms.