Title 46

SECTION 63.01-3

63.01-3 Scope and applicability.

§ 63.01-3 Scope and applicability.

(a) This part contains the requirements for automatic auxiliary boilers, including their controls, control system components, electrical devices, safety devices, and accessories. Types of automatic auxiliary boilers which are covered include large and small automatic auxiliary boilers, automatic heating boilers, automatic waste heat boilers, donkey boilers, miniature boilers, electric boilers, fired thermal fluid heaters, automatic incinerators, and electric hot water supply boilers. Automatic auxiliary boilers are classified by their service, control systems, pressure and temperature boundaries, heat input ratings, and firing mediums as follows:

(1) Automatic auxiliary boilers listed in Table 54.01-5(A) of this chapter which reference this part for regulation of their automatic controls.

(2) Automatic control systems for automatic auxiliary boilers having a heat input rating of less than 12,500,000 Btu/hr. (3.66 megawatts).

(3) Electric hot water supply boilers (heaters) containing electric heating elements rated at 600 volts or less.

(4) Exhaust gas boilers, and their controls and accessories used to heat water and/or generate steam.

(5) Incinerators (and their control systems) used for the generation of steam and/or oxidation of ordinary waste materials and garbage. This part also includes incinerators which serve as automatic auxiliary boilers.

(6) Fired thermal fluid heaters and their controls.

(b) Exceptions. Automatic boilers having heat input ratings of 12,500,000 Btu/hr. (3.66 megawatts) and above must meet the requirements of part 52 of this chapter. Their control systems must meet the requirements of part 62 of this chapter. Electric cooking equipment must comply with § 111.77-3 of this chapter. Electric oil immersion heaters must comply with part 111, subpart 111.85 of this chapter. Electric air heating equipment must comply with part 111, subpart 111.87 of this chapter.

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