Title 46

SECTION 59.10-20

59.10-20 Patches in shells and tube sheets.

§ 59.10-20 Patches in shells and tube sheets.

(a) Unreinforced openings in the shells or drums of boilers or pressure vessels, the diameter of which does not exceed the maximum diameter of an unreinforced opening in accordance with § 52.01-100 of this subchapter may be closed by the use of a patch or plate inside the drum or shell and sealed against leakage by welding. Such plates shall have a diameter of at least 2 inches larger than the diameter of the hole and shall have a thickness equal to the thickness of the plate to which it is attached. It is not permissible to insert such patches in the shell or head flush with the surrounding plate unless the requirements of this subchapter for Class I welded pressure vessels are met.

(b) Portions of tube sheets which have deteriorated may be renewed by replacing the wasted portion with a new section. The ligaments between the tube holes may be joined by means of welding and staytubes. Other acceptable means of lowering the stress on the repaired section may be used if in the judgment of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, it is necessary.