Title 46

SECTION 39.1011

39.1011 Personnel training requirements - TB/ALL.

§ 39.1011 Personnel training requirements - TB/ALL.

Personnel responsible for operating the vapor control system (VCS) must complete a training program prior to the operation of the system installed onboard the tank vessel. As part of the training program, personnel must be able to demonstrate, through drills and practical knowledge, the proper VCS operation procedures for normal and emergency conditions. The training program must cover the following subjects:

(a) Purpose of a VCS;

(b) Principles of the VCS;

(c) Components of the VCS;

(d) Hazards associated with the VCS;

(e) Coast Guard regulations in this part;

(f) Vapor control operation procedures during cargo transfer or tank barge cleaning, including:

(1) Testing and inspection requirements;

(2) Pre-transfer or pre-cleaning procedures;

(3) Connection sequence;

(4) Startup procedures; and

(5) Normal operations; and

(g) Emergency procedures.