Title 46


386.1 Hours of admission to property.

§ 386.1 Hours of admission to property.

Academy property shall be closed to the public during other than normal working hours, as well as during Regimental leave periods and indoctrination training for the fourth class year. The closing of property shall not apply where the Superintendent has approved the after normal working hours use of buildings or athletic facilities for authorized activities. During normal working hours, property shall be closed to the public only when situations require this action to ensure the orderly conduct of Academy business. The Superintendent, or a designated representative of the Superintendent, shall make the decision to close all or any areas of Academy property. This action shall be coordinated with the Head, Department of Public Safety and Security (Security), of the Academy. When property, or a portion thereof, is closed to the public, admission to the property, or to any area thereof, shall be restricted to authorized persons, who shall register with Security personnel upon entry to the property. When requested, any person shall display Government or other identifying credentials to Security personnel when entering, leaving, or while on Academy property.