Title 46

SECTION 34.17-90

34.17-90 Installations contracted for prior to January 1, 1962 - T/ALL.

§ 34.17-90 Installations contracted for prior to January 1, 1962 - T/ALL.

(a) Installations contracted for prior to January 1, 1962, shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Existing arrangements, materials, and facilities previously approved shall be considered satisfactory so long as they meet the minimum requirements of this paragraph and they are maintained in good condition to the satisfaction of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection. Minor repairs and alterations may be made to the same standards as the original installation.

(2) The details of the systems shall be in general agreement with §§ 34.17-5 through 34.17-20, insofar as is reasonable and practicable. Installations contracted for prior to November 19, 1952, need not comply with paragraph (a)(2) of § 34.17-5 and § 34.17-25. A 6-inch blanket of foam in 3 minutes for machinery spaces and pumprooms will be considered as meeting the requirements of § 34.17-5.

(3) Where a system is installed to protect a tank, it shall be so designed and arranged as to spread a blanket of foam over the entire liquid surface of the tank within the range of usual trim. The arrangement of piping shall be such as to give a relatively uniform distribution over the entire area protected.

(4) For tanks, the rate of discharge to foam outlets protecting the hazard shall be as set forth in § 34.17-5(b), except that the value of 1 gallon per minute shall be substituted in both cases for the value of 1.6 gallons per minute. The quantity of foam provided shall be sufficient to operate the equipment for 5 minutes.

(5) On installations installed prior to November 19, 1952, a semiportable foam generator using a dry-chemical mixture or mechanical foam in conjunction with the fire lines may be substituted for the fixed system subject to the following conditions:

(i) There shall be at least one fire pump of suitable capacity available which can be operated and controlled from outside the space protected.

(ii) Stop valves shall be installed in the line so that if any portion of the fire main is ruptured, the foam generator may still be operated. Connections for at least two fire hoses shall be provided between the pump and the stop valve.

(iii) If the foam system is of the portable or semiportable type, the apparatus and chemicals shall be stored in a readily accessible place protected from the weather.