Title 46

SECTION 34.15-35

34.15-35 Enclosure openings - T/ALL.

§ 34.15-35 Enclosure openings - T/ALL.

(a) Except for cargo spaces, the operation of the carbon dioxide system shall automatically shut down any mechanical ventilation to that space. This will not be required where the carbon dioxide system is a secondary system in addition to another approved primary system protecting the space.

(b) Where natural ventilation is provided for spaces protected by a carbon dioxide extinguishing system, provisions shall be made for easily and effectively closing off the ventilation.

(c) Means shall be provided for closing all other openings to the space protected from outside such space. In this respect, relatively tight doors, shutters, or dampers shall be provided for openings in the lower portion of the space. The construction shall be such that openings in the upper portion of the space can be closed off either by permanently installed means or by the use of canvas or other material which is normally carried by the vessel.