Title 46

SECTION 32.60-1

32.60-1 Scantlings, material, and workmanship - TB/ALL.

§ 32.60-1 Scantlings, material, and workmanship - TB/ALL.

(a) All tank vessels, the construction or conversion of which is started on or after July 1, 1951, shall conform to the requirements in this subpart in construction of hulls. The hull and deckhouses shall be of steel or iron construction except that the pilothouse and decks over quarters may be constructed of wood. Scantlings, material, and workmanship, subdivision of cargo spaces, fitting of cofferdams, and testing of tanks shall be at least equivalent to the requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping or other recognized classification society.

(b) See subpart 32.57 for structural fire protection requirements for tank vessels contracted for on or after January 1, 1963.