Title 46

SECTION 32.57-5

32.57-5 Definitions - TB/ALL.

§ 32.57-5 Definitions - TB/ALL.

(a) Standard fire test. A “standard fire test” is one which develops in the test furnace a series of time temperature relationships as follows:

5 minutes - 1,000 °F.
10 minutes - 1,300 °F.
30 minutes - 1,550 °F.
60 minutes - 1,700 °F.

(b) “A” Class divisions. “A” Class divisions such as bulkheads and decks, means divisions that are composed of steel or an equivalent metal, suitably stiffened, and made intact with the main structure of the vessel, including the shell, structural bulkheads, or decks. They are constructed so that, if subjected to the standard fire test, they are capable of preventing the passage of flame and smoke for one hour. In addition, they are insulated with approved structural insulation, bulkhead panels, or deck coverings so that the average temperature on the unexposed side does not rise more than 139 °C (250 °F) above the original temperature, nor does the temperature at any one point, including any joint, rise more than 181 °C (325 °F) above the original temperature, within the time listed below:

Class A-60 60 minutes
Class A-30 30 minutes
Class A-15 15 minutes
Class A-0 0 minutes with no insulation requirement

(c) “B” Class bulkheads. Bulkheads of the “B” Class shall be constructed with approved incombustible materials and made intact from deck to deck and to shell or other boundaries. They shall be so constructed that, if subjected to the standard fire test, they would be capable of preventing the passage of flame for one-half hour.

(d) “C” Class divisions. Bulkheads or decks of the “C” Class shall be constructed of approved incombustible materials, but need meet no requirements relative to the passage of flame.

(e) Steel. Where the term “steel or other equivalent metal” is used in this subpart, it is intended to require a material which, by itself or due to insulation provided, has structural and integrity qualities equivalent to steel at the end of the applicable fire exposure.

(f) Approved material. Where in this subpart approved materials are required, they refer to materials approved under the applicable subparts of subchapter Q (Specifications) of this chapter, as follows:

Deck Coverings 164.006
Structural Insulations 164.007
Bulkhead Panels 164.008
Incombustible Materials 164.009
Interior Finishes 164.012

(g) Stairtower. A stairtower is a stairway which penetrates more than a single deck within the same enclosure.

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