Title 46

SECTION 32.53-10

32.53-10 General - T/ALL.

§ 32.53-10 General - T/ALL.

(a) Each tankship to which this subpart applies must have an inert gas system that meets the requirements of this subpart and is approved in accordance with 46 CFR 50.20.

(b) Each inert gas system must be designed, constructed and installed in accordance with the provisions of SOLAS II-2, regulation 62, with the following provisions:

(1) Acceptable types of water seals include the wet and semiwet type. Other types of seals may be accepted on a case by case basis if approval is given by the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center.

(2) If a vapor collection system required to meet part 39 of this subchapter is connected to the inert gas system, the instruction manual required by SOLAS II-2, regulation 62.21 must include procedures relating to vapor collection operations.

[CGD 74-127, 41 FR 3843, Jan. 26, 1976, as amended by CGD 95-028, 62 FR 51198, Sept. 30, 1997]