Title 46

SECTION 32.40-35

32.40-35 Hospital space - T/ALL.

§ 32.40-35 Hospital space - T/ALL.

(a) Each vessel which in the ordinary course of its trade makes voyages of more than 3 days duration between ports and which carries a crew of 12 or more, must be provided with a hospital space. This space must be situated with due regard to the comfort of the sick so that they may receive proper attention in all weathers.

(b) The hospital must be suitably separated from other spaces and must be used for the care of the sick and for no other purpose.

(c) The hospital must be fitted with berths in the ratio of 1 berth to every 12 members of the crew or portion thereof who are not berthed in single occupancy rooms, but the number of berths need not exceed 6.

(d) The hospital must have a toilet, washbasin, and bathtub or shower conveniently situated. Other necessary suitable equipment such as a clothes locker, a table, and a seat must be provided.