Title 46

SECTION 32.05-10

32.05-10 Name of tankship - T/ALL.

§ 32.05-10 Name of tankship - T/ALL.

Every tankship shall have the name marked upon each bow and upon the stern, and the home port shall also be marked upon the stern. The name shall be in a light color on a dark ground, or in a dark color on a light ground, and shall be distinctly visible. The smallest letters used shall be not less than 4 inches in size. In addition, every tankship shall have her name conspicuously displayed in distinct plain letters, of not less than 6 inches in size, on each outer side of the pilothouse.

[CGFR 65-50, 30 FR 16657, Dec. 30, 1965, as amended by CGFR 72-104R, 37 FR 14233, July 18, 1972]