Title 46

SECTION 307.15

307.15 Release of information from reports.

§ 307.15 Release of information from reports.

(a) The information collected under these instructions will be released to recognized search-and-rescue authorities, to make advance notice to the U.S. Coast Guard of arrival in U.S. ports as required by certain sections of 33 CFR. The information collected will also be forwarded to the MARAD.

(b) AMVER reports will remain voluntary for foreign ships unless otherwise directed by their governments, and will be kept strictly confidential by the U.S. Coast Guard. Information collected from such foreign ships will not be forwarded to MARAD.

(c) any information provided in the remarks line will be stored in AMVER's automatic data processing system for later review. However, no immediate action will be taken, nor will the information be routinely passed to other organizations. The remarks line cannot be used as a substitute for sending information to other search-and-rescue authorities or organizations. However, AMVER will, at the request of other SAR authorities, forward remarks line information to the requesting agencies.