Title 46

SECTION 307.13

307.13 Where to report.

§ 307.13 Where to report.

To ensure that no charge is applied, all AMVER reports must be passed through specified radio stations. Those stations which currently accept AMVER reports and apply no coastal station, ship station, or landline charge are listed in each issue of the “AMVER Bulletin” publication, together with respective International Radio Call Sign, location, frequency bands, and hours of operation. The “AMVER Bulletin” is available from AMVER Maritime Relations Office, U.S. Coast Guard, Battery Park Building, New York, NY 10004. Although AMVER reports may be sent through other stations, the Coast Guard cannot reimburse the sender for any charges applied.

[51 FR 18329, May 19, 1986, as amended at 65 FR 47678, Aug. 3, 2000]