Title 46


28.76 Similarly qualified organizations.

§ 28.76 Similarly qualified organizations.

An organization desiring to be designated by the Commandant as a similarly qualified organization must request such designation in writing. As a minimum the organization must verify that it -

(a) Publishes standards for vessel design and construction which are as widely available as and which are of similar content to the standards published by the ABS;

(b) Performs periodic surveys in a wide range of localities during and after construction to ensure compliance with published standards, including drydock examinations, in a manner similar to the ABS;

(c) Issues certificates testifying to compliance with the published standards;

(d) Has as its primary concern the survey and classification of vessels;

(e) Has no interest in owning or operating fishing, fish processing, or fish tender vessels; and

(f) Maintains records of surveys and makes such records available to the Coast Guard upon request in a manner similar to the ABS.