Title 46

SECTION 28.500

28.500 Applicability.

§ 28.500 Applicability.

This subpart applies to each commercial fishing industry vessel which is 79 feet (24 meters) or more in length that is not required to be issued a load line under subchapter E of this chapter and that -

(a) Has its keel laid or is at a similar stage of construction or undergoes a major conversion started on or after September 15, 1991;

(b) Undergoes alterations to the fishing or processing equipment for the purpose of catching, landing, or processing fish in a manner different than has previously been accomplished on the vessel - these vessels need only comply with § 28.501 of this subpart; or

(c) Has been substantially altered on or after September 15, 1991.

[CGD 88-079, 56 FR 40393, Aug. 14, 1991; 56 FR 47679, Sept. 20, 1991, as amended by CGD 88-079, 57 FR 364, Jan. 6, 1992]