Title 46

SECTION 28.410

28.410 Deck rails, lifelines, storm rails, and hand grabs.

§ 28.410 Deck rails, lifelines, storm rails, and hand grabs.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (d) of this section, deck rails, lifelines, grab rails, or equivalent protection must be installed near the periphery of all weather decks accessible to individuals. Where space limitations make deck rails impractical, hand grabs may be substituted.

(b) The height of deck rail, lifelines, or bulwarks must be at least 39 1/2 inches (1 meter) from the deck, except, where this height would interfere with the normal operation of the vessel, a lesser height may be substituted.

(c) All deck rails or lifelines must be permanently supported by stanchions at intervals of not more than 7 feet (2.3 meters). Stanchions must be through bolted or welded to the deck.

(d) Portable stanchions and lifelines may be installed in locations where permanently installed deck rails would impede normal fishing operations or emergency recovery operations.

(e) Deck rails or lifelines must consist of evenly spaced courses. The spacing between courses must not be greater than 15 inches (0.38 meters). The opening below the lowest course must not be more than 9 inches (0.23 meters). Lower courses are not required where all or part of the space below the upper rail is fitted with a bulwark, chain link fencing, wire mesh, or an equivalent.

(f) A suitable storm rail or hand grab must be installed where necessary in a passageway, at a deckhouse side, at a ladder, and a hatch where an individual might have normal access.

(g) A stern trawler must have doors, gates, or other protective arrangements at the top of the stern ramp at least as high as adjacent bulwarks or 39 1/2 inches (1 meter), whichever is less.

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