Title 46

SECTION 28.405

28.405 Hydraulic equipment.

§ 28.405 Hydraulic equipment.

(a) Each hydraulic system must be so designed and installed that proper operation of the system is not affected by back pressure in the system.

(b) Piping and piping components must be designed with a burst pressure of not less than four times the system maximum operating pressure.

(c) Each hydraulic system must be equipped with at least one pressure relieving device set to relieve at the system's maximum operating pressure.

(d) All material in a hydraulic system must be suitable for use with the hydraulic fluid used and must be of such chemical and physical properties as to remain ductile at the lowest operating temperature likely to be encountered by the vessel.

(e) Except for hydraulic steering equipment, controls for hydraulic equipment must be located where the operator has an unobstructed view of the hydraulic equipment and the adjacent working area.

(f) Controls for hydraulic equipment must be so arranged that the operator is able to quickly disengage the equipment in an emergency.

(g) Hydraulically operated machinery must be equipped with a holding device to prevent uncontrolled movement due to loss of hydraulic system pressure.

(h) A nonmetallic flexible hose must only be used between two points of relative motion, including a pump and piping system, and must meet SAE J 1942.

(i) Each nonmetallic flexible hose and hose assembly must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's rating and guidelines and must be limited to a length of not more that 30 inches (0.76 meters) in an application not subject to torsional loading.