Title 46

SECTION 28.390

28.390 Means of escape.

§ 28.390 Means of escape.

(a) Each space which is used by an individual on a regular basis or which is generally accessible to an individual must have at least two widely separated means of escape. At least one of the means of escape must be independent of watertight doors. Subject to the restrictions of this section, means of escape include normal exits and emergency exits, passageways, stairways, ladders, deck scuttles, and windows.

(b) At least one of the means of escape from each space must provide a satisfactory route to weather.

(c) Each door, hatch or scuttle used as a means of escape must be capable of being opened by one individual, from either side, in both light and dark conditions, must open towards the expected direction of escape from the space served, and if a watertight door be of the quick acting type.

(d) Each deck scuttle which serves as a means of escape, must be fitted with a quick-acting release and a device to hold the scuttle in an open position.

(e) Each foothold, handhold, ladder, or similar structure, provided to aid escape, must be suitable for use in emergency conditions and must be of rigid construction.

(f) A window or windshield of sufficient size and proper accessibility may be used as one of the required means of escape from an enclosed space.

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