Title 46

SECTION 28.255

28.255 Bilge pumps, bilge piping, and dewatering systems.

§ 28.255 Bilge pumps, bilge piping, and dewatering systems.

(a) Each vessel must be equipped with a bilge pump and bilge piping capable of draining any watertight compartment, other than tanks and small buoyancy compartments, under all service conditions. Large spaces, such as enginerooms must be fitted with more than one suction line.

(b) In addition to the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, a space used in the sorting or processing of fish in which water is used must be fitted with dewatering system capable of dewatering the space under normal conditions of list and trim at the same rate as water is introduced. Pumps used as part of the processing of fish do not count for meeting this requirement. The dewatering system must be interlocked with the pump(s) supplying water to the space, so that in the event of failure of the dewatering system, the water supply is inactivated.

(c) Except as provided by paragraph (f) of this section, each vessel 79 feet (24 meters) or more in length must be equipped with a fixed, self-priming, powered, bilge pump connected to a bilge manifold.

(d) If a bilge pump required by paragraph (a) of this section is portable, it must be provided with a suitable suction hose of adequate length to reach the bilges of each watertight compartment it must serve and with a discharge hose of adequate length to ensure overboard discharge. A portable pump must be capable of dewatering each space it serves at a rate of at least 2 inches (51 millimeters) of water depth per minute.

(e) Except for a fire pump required by § 28.315, a bilge pump may be used for other purposes.

(f) Except where an individual pump is provided for a separate space or for a portable pump, each individual bilge suction line must be led to a manifold. Each bilge suction line must be provided with a stop valve at the manifold and a check valve at some accessible point in the bilge line to prevent unintended flooding of a space.

(g) Each bilge suction line and dewatering system suction must be fitted with a suitable strainer to prevent clogging of the suction line. Strainers must have an open area of not less than three times the open area of the suction line.

(h) Each vessel must comply with the oil pollution prevention requirements of 33 CFR parts 151 and 155.